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Industries We Serve

For over 3 decades, WOM Valves & Controls has developed flow-control solutions that has kept pace with the growing demands of the global industry. Offered in a variety of types, sizes, pressure classes and materials, the portfolio enhances safety, reliability and performance in all the industries across the world..


Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream and downstream, the oil and gas industry faces a complex set of demands, fromaccommodating extreme operating conditions, to managingbudgets and profitability, to running safe, environmentallysound facilities.

Your success depends on having a dynamic partner with theglobal resources, industry expertise and local knowledge tosupport you — wherever and whatever the challenge.

WOM V&C is the industry’s partner of choice,providing flow management solutions specially designed forthe oil and gas industry. We are pioneers and industry leadersin flow isolation and control, andautomation. In all our efforts, we seek to enhance safety, reduce risk and deliver efficiency. Innovative Solutions.

For more than three decades, industry-leading solutions fromWOM have been pivotal in the development of oil and gas frontiers. Today, we offer the industry one of thelargest, most complete portfolios of specialized, patentedproducts and brands.

Our oil and gas offering is focused on delivering:

  • - High operational reliability
  • - Low maintenance
  • - Long service life

Power & Energy

With worries about the shortage of oil reserves being matched by a growing concern for the increase in Greenhouse gases worldwide, the demands for coal gas nuclear solar and geothermal power generators to increase output while improving efficiency have never been greater.

Demand for electric power is projected to increase by an average of 2.5% annually to 2030, with world electric power generation set to reach nearly 32,000 terawatt hours (TWh)- almost double todays output.

All of this calls for high quality products and solutions that have been developed in partnership with operators and contractors, specially for the power industry. With proven expertise and unrivalled industry knowledge, WOM V&C is perfectly placed to help you meet the challenge ahead.


Process Industry

The refineries succeeding in today’s marketplace are those dedicated to building their capabilities and improving their efficiencies. Evolving markets necessitate upgrades, retrofits, expansions and new construction. Environment, health and safety priorities are critical and performance demands are high.

WOM V & C helps these dynamic facilities increase throughput and reliability, extend run times and reduce maintenance by providing one of the industry's widest range of pressure relief, quarter-turn valves and actuators for severe service isolation and overpressure protection.

Our service and turnaround capabilities provide shop and field service, asset and parts supply management, and training to help ensure that our customer's applications/operations meet the most demanding performance requirements. When the use of HPHT hydrogen in refining resulted in corrosion, embrittlement and blistering issues, WOM V&C leveraged our metallurgy expertise to develop specialized valve technology that significantly improves safety and performance while reducing environmental risk.

WOM V&C innovative TOV with zero leakage technology integrates metallurgy, design, manufacturing and gasket technology to achieve the high performance standards demanded by hydrogen processes. We help our customers deal with overpressure protection not only with our highly engineered pressure relief valves but also with our complete safety instrumented systems, such as ESD valves and full packaged HIPPS. Valve monitoring and automation help to improve safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance, but the cost and complexity of wired systems is a major limitation to their use.

To help refineries, WOM V&C provides wireless valve monitoring technology that eliminates the need for wired infrastructure. The wireless systems are a low-cost, high-performance way to extend monitoring benefits to a much greater valve population.

Our customized, bundled valve and control solutions include:
  • - High-temperature hydrogen applications
  • - Critical isolation valves
  • - Overpressure protection valves and safety instrumented systems
  • - Valve position monitoring and automation
  • - Leak detection systems on tank farms
  • - Instrumentation isolation and calibration
  • - Partial stroke testing and diagnostics
  • - Flame and detonation arrestment