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WOM’s Dual Seal Ball valve is arguably the world’s leading Ball valve having unsurpassed quality, reliability and requiring minimal field maintenance. Similarly, the successful design and development of products such as surface and subsea valves & Controls paved the way for WOM’s continued growth. These products have also made WOM a preferred and trusted name among the world’s major oil companies, drilling contractors and well-testing companies.



Ball Valves

WOM’s Dual Seal Ball Valve is the only trunnion mounted ball valve with two independent seats on both sides of the ball. The Primary Seat take the normal wear and tear when the valve is cycled. If it ever gets damaged the Secondary Seat takes over. This redundant sealing technology can more than double the useful life of the valve.

Gate Valves

Gate valves serves as the ON-OFF application valves As a standard gate valve serves as a bidirectional valve which assists flow in either direction. With the help of wedging action, it serves an effective sealing against the flow. The Valve during full open condition forms a through conduit without any obstruction, this helps in smooth flow and less pressure drop.

Globe Valves

Globe valves serves as the control application valves As a standard globe valve serves as a unidirectional valve. The globe valves shall be used in all regulation applications to control the flow. These valves are used in frequently operating condition where flow is high.

Check Valves

Check valve is commonly referred as the non-return valve. The disk opens with the help of flow and pressure and seals against the gravity. The flow shall be horizontal normally and if installed vertically the flow shall be towards upward direction.

Control Valves

WOM VALVES AND CONTROLS manufactures a wide range of globe-type control valves for the power and hydrocarbon industries. The range comprises valves in straight pattern, angle and three-way body configurations, in ASME classes from 150 to 2500, in sizes up to 24” (600 mm). WOM Control Valves are offered in a variety of materials, with actuation options and accessories to suit customer requirements.

Actuators & Other Controls


Pneumatic Actuators

Series RP is a pneumatically operated Actuator, specifically designed for use with quarter turn valves - Ball, Plug, Butterfly - and other rotary devices like dampers, louvres and positioning equipment, the units are compact, robust, practically maintenance free and incorporate a rack and pinion mechanism which ensures positive engagement and a constant torque output throughout the entire stroke. Series RP offers a range of Double Acting (DA) and fail safe Spring Return (SR).

Electrical Actuators

WOM V&C’s electrical actuator series is the most innovative all-in-one actuator solution for the automation of quarter-turn valves and dampers. With a huge number of standard features included in a small, compact design, this new series of electric actuators greatly simplifies valve, actuator and control system integration. Available with both weatherproof and explosion proof environmental ratings allows for a wide range of applications in most plant environments.

Hydraulic Actuators

WOM’s Fail-Safe Hydraulic Actuator has a single-forged, unitized top cap and cylinder for simple in-line maintenance. WOM’s quick disconnect mechanism allows for fast removal of the actuator without breaking the body/bonnet connection providing immediate access to the stem packing.

Customized Solutions



HIPPS and emergency shutdown (ESD) capabilitiesthat protect personnel and the environment while helping tomitigate financial and operational risk. WOM V&C is an industryleadingresource for HIPPS and ESD technologies, turnkeysolutions and global service. Our scope of technology includesvalves, manifolds, actuators and controls, enclosures,transmitters and logic solvers.

Hammer Lug Union


Sour Gas Union

WOM Hammer Unions are available in Hydrogen Sulphide trim (Sour Gas, H2S) with either threaded or butt weld ends. Sour Gas Unions are manufactured in accordance with NACE Standard MR0175 (Latest Revision). All unions are subject to rigorous inspection checks throughout manufacture. Sour Gas unions have their batch numbers prefixed by the letters SG and, for ease of identification, are painted olive green.